Service Features


Relying on the background of American capital and founder’s many years of investment and operation of American pension community, Kaijian International introduced the service concept and service standard of American CCRC to China, and established a set of international standards and concepts under the practice of local professional teams. Operational service system.


Kaijian International not only introduces the most advanced international service standards, but also creates a professional service team. The core team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation teachers with the service background of the top three hospitals guarantees the professionalism of Kaijian’s pension; Kaijian International It also designed three levels of services, a number of detailed service content, and designed corresponding service processes and service standards in combination with specific service content; at the same time, Kaijian International also established its own evaluation criteria, each entering Kaijian International The elderly will pass four assessments: pre-stay assessment, post-accommodation assessment, 30-day re-evaluation, and assessment every three months to dynamically track the physical function of the elderly.


Relying on the dynamic assessment of the elderly, Kaijian International provides package-style services for each elderly person, formulating personalized life plans and nursing rehabilitation programs, and establishing exclusive life and health files for the elderly to ensure the services of the elderly. Sex.


Kaijian International’s projects are located in the city center, with mature facilities, complete integration with urban life, and convenient transportation, which is convenient for children and relatives to visit. From hardware to software, the project creates a home-like living atmosphere and creates a second home for the elderly. The elderly enjoy the most professional care services while enjoying the warmth and comfort of the family. The service staff is not only a professional service to the elderly. More like a child, give the elderly the warmest care.

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