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  1. Family rounds
    Kaijian International provides a daily doctor-style rounds of ward rounds, and once a day, the head nurse leads the nursing rounds. In this way, the physical and mental state of the elderly is mastered, and the degree and frequency of life care, medical care, and medical treatment required by them are accurately evaluated, and timely adjustment and medical care services are provided.
  2. Preventive Medicine
    Through a detailed assessment of the elderly, Kaijian International tailors individualized health programs for the elderly to prevent disease. Daily vital signs are monitored to detect diseases early, early intervention, and early treatment. At the same time, through daily ward rounds by doctors, the elderly are found to be in a state of illness, and the elderly are transferred to a large hospital for treatment before a life-threatening transition occurs.


Kaijian International provides professional care for the elderly, including personal cleaning, grooming, undressing, oral cleaning, toilet care and other life care; monitoring and management of vital signs; drug management, monitoring and administration according to doctor’s advice; prevention of trauma and hemorrhoids And care; medical care for the treatment, maintenance and management of chronic diseases in the elderly; and safety care, psychological care, etc.


Kaijian provides three meals a day and afternoon tea for the elderly. There are 5-7 choices for breakfast every day, 4 dishes and 1 soup for lunch and dinner, and seasonal fruits for lunch. At the same time, it also provides diabetic meals, finely divided diets, liquid diets, paste meals, tube irrigation and other foods for the elderly in need, giving the most suitable way for the residents to eat. Registered dietitians carefully prepare a delicious and nutritious meal for each resident in the mood based on seasonal and mental health. Make sure that the elders are healthy and healthy, while enjoying the world of food. At Kaijian, catering is not only a healthy standard, but also a reflection of the traditional virtues of respecting the elders. The smile of every diner is the greatest affirmation of our work.


Kaijian International’s event venue creates a relaxed atmosphere where the elders can open their hearts and minds, where they can make new friends, build new relationships and start a new life. Professional social workers design cultural and recreational activities suitable for their physical and mental health for the elderly, so that the elderly can be more colorful in Kaijian’s life. Whether it is talking, studying (painting, calligraphy, etc.), or entertainment (chess, movies, etc.), we will have professional psychological care staff to accompany and supervise. A leisurely space in the corner of the corridor is the place where the oldest people like to stop. The all-Chinese classical furniture creates a quiet and warm atmosphere, and enjoys paintings, tastes, chess, memories, and enjoyment.


It is the pursuit of Kaijian International Rehabilitation Service to improve, enhance and continue the physical function of every elder. In the spacious and comfortable rehabilitation room of Kaihe Health Rehabilitation Center, one-on-one professional rehabilitation teachers perform “joint-limb training (PT project)”, “hand-brain training (OT project)”, “language rehabilitation”, Various rehabilitation activities, such as psychological counseling, help each elder to improve their physical functions, and take a small step every day to a healthy life.


Every old man in the room has his own private and intimate living room. Comfortable and warm space, simple and quiet decoration style, embellished with green plants, so that the elderly can be the most perfect body and mind.

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