Nursing Care Team

Nursing Care team

CASCADE Healthcare have experienced doctors who are able to care for residents. They will also develop health management plan for the residents helping our seniors to have a healthy lifestyle and prevention on any further medical complications arises.

Xin Bei
Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine Department’s Clinical Medicine English course. She was with Shanghai Huadong Hospital’s general medicine and respiratory department as a Physician-in-charge. Xin had extensive experience dealing with common diseases, disease diagnosis, with rich experience in clinical, especially specializes in respiratory medicine, diagnosis and treatment of demented patients with chronic medical diseases.  Xin is familiar with the latest medical innovation and clinical application of drugs and has published and translated several medical paper and publication of books.

Ding Guoyi
Graduated from the Department of Medicine of Fudan University Shanghai Medical College. He was deputy chief physician of Shanghai Punan Hospital of Pudong New District. Ding had more than 40 years of clinic medicine experience with specialization in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of cardiovascular and endocrine systems

Western medicine— Medical consultants
CASCADE Healthcare invite specialists from Shanghai Huadong hospital, Shanghai Sixth People’s hospital, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and many other well-known hospitals as our Joint Expert Advisory Panel to give consultation, guidance and training on a regular basis.

Medical team- Traditional Chinese Medicine
CASCADE Healthcare invite Shanghai famous TCM experts to provide diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese massage, cupping, medication bath, Gua Sha, dietary therapy and other therapies.

Rehabilitation Therapy
CASCADE Healthcare hired well-known Professor aged care rehabilitation disciplines as recovery consultants, depending on their different physiological and psychological condition the town key personalized rehabilitation programs. In hospital rehabilitation therapists and one-on-one to provide services to, step by step implementation of the rehabilitation plan, ensure that every elderly can be the best time to get the most effective rehabilitation treatment, in order to achieve the best quality of life.

Cascade Healthcare and the world’s top medical school United States Washington University School of medicine rehabilitation disciplines to achieve targeted cooperation United States recovery team of experts regularly visit to give guidance training, providing the most advanced rehabilitation methods and means.

Rehabilitation Adviser Li Zebing
Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital Rehabilitation Department, Professor, supervisor of postgraduate, Deputy Director of the Division of rehabilitation medicine. Graduated from Shanghai Medical University, Medical Department, served as Deputy Director of the Shanghai Research Institute of traditional Chinese and Western medicine rehabilitation medicine. Dr Li serves as member of the Professional Committee of Chinese Association of rehabilitation medicine trauma recovery, rehabilitation medical rehabilitation engineering in Shanghai, Chairman of the Council, members of the Professional Committee of the Shanghai sports medicine, Chinese Medical Association, medical malpractice Committee experts in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of forensic experts, Shanghai disabled rehabilitation and technical Steering Committee of experts. He was particularly good at surgery, orthopedic diseases, rehabilitation counseling, diagnosis and treatment of neck and shoulder pain and rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, bone and joint, orthopedic disorders such as low back pain rehabilitation.

Therapist Supervisor: Li Xiaoman
Li Xiaoman, graduated from Yancheng Health Technology College, with a bachelor degree from  Nanjing Medical University. With guardian from our rehabilitation professor from Zhongshan Hospital rehabiltation therapy department, Professor Li Zebing, engaged in rehabilitation treatment Professional more than 5 years, and understudy in a big hospital in Nanjing for a year, with specialty in stroke rehabilitation treatment, hemiplegia rehabilitation treatment, paraplegia treatment, and post operation rehabilitation, especially on early stroke class patients of rehabilitation.

Therapist: Li Man 
Li Man, graduated from China Medical University and practise at the rehabilitation department of the First rehabilitation Hospital, who later received the tradtional chinese medicine integrated specialty certification from the Nanyang Institution of Technology. With 4 years of expereince in the rehabiliation department at a  first grade hospital, and under the guidance from our rehabilitation professor from Zhongshan Hospital rehabilitation therapy department, Professor Li Zebing, she is specialized in joint rehabilitation, Stroke recovery rehabilitation, paraplegic rehabbilitation and many post operation rehabilitation.

Therapist: Chen Suya
 Chen Suya, graduated from Nanjing Institute of Sport Rehabilitation and Health Professional with a bachelor degree from Nanjing Sports Academy. Guidance from Zhongshan Hospital rehabilitation department professor, Li Zebing. With 2 years of experience, Chen’s speciality is in joint recovery rehabilitation, stroke and paraplegia rehabiltation.

Nursing staff
Cascade Healthcare’s nursing department consist of highly skilled, experienced and highly qualified nursing team. In full accordance with the standard of care from the USA, adhering to the people-oriented and personalized care ideology in providing all kinds of quality care. In Cascade Healthcare, they are not just ordinary caregivers, but ‘family members’ away from home.

Head nurse  Zang JingJu
Zang was head nurse of Medical Oncology Department of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center. She has been working on nursing for over 30 years, experienced in critical care nursing, training, education and management. She specializes in pain management, psychological counseling and nursing of patients with advanced cancer. Zang is a master of nursing routine of chemotherapy department. She also knows well the incompatibility, performance and side-effect of chemotherapeutics drugs as well as protection knowledge of chemotherapeutics drugs dispensing, care of patients with cancer after PICC deep vein catheterization and nursing of patients with cancer before or after chemotherapy

Head Nurse Shao Ming
The Yueyang affiliated to Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine hospital emergency department, Oncology, anorectal head nurse. Clinical nursing for more than 30 years, has a wealth of nursing basic knowledge and a solid foundation of nursing business technology, nursing administration, nursing education, nursing research veteran, is the vein care in hospital, head of the group, PICC’s full-time nurse.
In the nursing work, pay attention

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