Company Philosophy

Cascade Healthcare is dedicated to provide seniors with specialized and customized medical, rehabilitation and nursing care. We offer the best quality of care and services with the expertise to serve the needs of our clients. Our model of care provides residents with comprehensive care and service, focusing on their physical, psychological and social needs.our-cp Rehabilitation with professional medical teams and advanced equipment, we provide world-class care helping our clients to maintain a good quality of health by offering home treatment of chronic diseases and post-surgery care and recovery, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Social and Mental Wellness
We take care and manages emotional or mental needs for seniors through various activities such as painting, calligraphy, board games, movies, tic., with the assistance of our professional staffs.

Social Engagement
Cascade Healthcare is not just a facility that provides care and services for seniors but a large, warm and loving family. Here, our seniors begin new lives with new activities and new friendships while keeping in touch with their old friends, We encourage families and friends to visit the seniors frequently, and take them out for dinners, shows and other social activities as often as possible.

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